Auto Road Service | Tips on Calling for Roadside Assistance

Be ready for an unplanned call for emergency roadside assistance, just in case.

At some point, your car could break down on the side of the road. Hopefully it will be a simple repair, such as a quick tire replacement, or getting some gas. But whether it’s that or something that requires a short tow, it’s a good rule of thumb to hope for the best, yet be prepared for the worst.

You’ll need to know what to have on hand when you call for emergency roadside assistance, as well what information to give to the operator.

Before You Leave

  • Make sure you have your membership information.
  • Check that you have the toll free number handy. Carry it in your wallet, and in your car.
  • Check your car for anything that may become a hazard or a problem once you’re on the road.
  • Make a mental note to keep track of where you are as you are driving.

Before You Call

  • What is your location? Make note of signs, or if there are none, those you’ve recently passed. Street addresses are best.
  • Keep yourself  safe. Get your car off the main road if you can. Be careful not to step out into traffic.
  • Keep your car visible. Turn on hazard lights, open your hood or set flares as needed.
  • If you have a cell phone and can call for help while safely staying with your car, that is best. If you need to go to a nearby phone and call, wait with your car afterwards if possible.