Roadside Safety | Driving In Winter Weather Part Four

Final part of a series about driving in winter weather.

You can drive as safely as possible in winter weather and still get stuck in the snow somehow. If you do get stuck, the best thing to do is to call roadside assistance before taking any additional steps. This way if you are unable to get yourself out, help is already on the way.

Until help arrives, here’s a few things you might try on your own to attempt to free your vehicle.

  • It can help to turn your steering to the left, then to the right just a few times to clear some snow away from the path.
  • If you know your car won’t be damanged, (see the manual), you can attempt to rock your car. Going into reverse and then drive in several cycles may build enough momentum to push you free.
  • Instead of flooring the gas, try tapping it gently. If you’re rocking your car, press the gas pedal just a little after you change gears each time.
  • Avoid letting your wheels just spin. If you think about it logically, you’ll realize that the rotation of your tires is only digging you further in.
  • In another post, we suggested driving with kitty litter, sand or salt. Putting these grainy substances in the path of the wheels can reduce the slippage and increase traction.

Sometimes, not much will seem to help. There may be something caught underneath your car that you can’t see, that could potentially damage the vehicle. Or you just might need the extra power of another vehicle.

No matter what reason, if you can’t seem to get your car free, it’s best to sit and wait for help to come.

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