Roadway Risks Include Sleep Apnea

Studies on Sleep Apnea Reveal Serious Highway Hazard

Citizens know that there are many outside factors that can impair a driver’s ability. The most obvious and spotlighted ones are the influence of alcohol, drugs and medicines, age, and alertness. Too little sleep or a false feeling apnea road hazardof being alert is a highway hazard to both the driver who is experiencing it and the other vehicle inhabitants in the same area.

Studies are being conducted to target a specific group of drivers that require a complete period of rest: truckers. The joint task force has issued new screening requirements for truckers with sleep apnea, a condition that can obstruct sleep. A well-rested truck driver shouldn’t be rare and the screening sets out to ensure that truck drivers are able to reach their full potential behind the wheel. The sleep apnea screening is comforting while at the same time jarring.

To be reminded of the potential for a truck driver, or any driver, to be impaired by something as common as not enough rest is sobering. Being safe and prepared on the road is the best one can do to confront travel hazards. A roadside assistance program is an all-encompassing service for the cautious traveler. You may not know just who will be operating the wheel of the cars around you, but you can be secure knowing that there is back-up assistance incase it is needed.

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