Hands-Free Roadside Assistance Calling

California Enforces Hands-Free Gear

There are proposals across the U.S. that would restrict the use of cell phones without hands-free tools, starting in California. California looks to pass this sort of law based on accusations that holding a cell phone while speaking and roadside assistancedriving can lead to deadly traffic accidents. This is certainly going to effect roadside assistance calling as emergency road service programs will need to make it clear to customers to use hands-free gear to call for service should the licensing state require it.

If this bill is passed in California it will send a clear signal about whether or not the claims that hand-held cell phone use while driving initiates accidents is worth paying attention to. It will also likely send a wave throughout the country of other bills proposing the same in other states. The call for roadside assistance service will change with the implementation of hands-free devices. If it happens in your state, don’t risk being without the proper gear should you need to contact your roadside assistance dispatcher.

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