Sign & Drive Roadside Commitment

Commit to a Roadside Assistance Program With Sign & Drive

Imagine being stranded in an area you’re unfamiliar with and having no one in the immediate area to come to your rescue. The hours are grueling as you finally reach a towing company to then be forced into paying for several miles of towing and ending up at a repair shop that you’re not sure is certified. Even worse is having a roadside assistance program to show up and fix something only to engage you in lengthy periods of contract filing, accessing information you have difficulty remembering, finding, and proving on the side of the road, and eating up more time dealing with the maintenance details than if you’d called the local mechanic.

These are scenarios that occur for drivers on a regular basis. Not having a roadside assistance program to back you up during a roadside emergency is no better than being a member to a program that doesn’t put you back on the road in a reasonable time without tedious documentation. It’s unacceptable to have a program membership that doesn’t let you simply sign a paper and be back on your way when there are programs that do.

The sign and drive roadside commitment of a roadside assistance program won’t eat up extra time with the paperwork that they should include in their own labor on their own time. Ask your roadside assistance provider about the inclusions of your service so you’re prepared to either endure painstaking details or simply sign and drive away when you call for assistance.

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