Emergency Auto Assistance

Tips To Help Lower Teen Auto Insurance

Teenage DriverTeenage drivers increase the cost of a family’s auto insurance. This reason for this is the insurance is based upon how likely it is for a driver to get into a car accident. According to statistics, young, inexperienced drivers account for a large number of car accidents. Therefore, signing your teen up for emergency auto assistance is a smart idea. Here are some tips to help you lower the cost of teen auto insurance.

1. Make an effort to qualify for as many discounts as possible. If you are able to, classify your teenager as an “occasional” driver rather than a primary driver.

2. Make certain that your teenager takes a driver’s education class. This may qualify them for an insurance discount. Also, be sure to have them take a defensive driving class that may reduce premiums.

3. Avoid purchasing a high-performance sports car that your teenager may get into trouble with. Insurers look down upon these types of cars.

4. If your teenager goes away to college without taking the car with them, you may be able to remove them from your insurance policy.

Following these helpful tips can help you save money on your family’s auto insurance.

What To Do After Getting Into A Car Accident

Car AccidentCar accidents always happen without warning and they are very frightening. Accidents leave drivers with a feeling of shock and will not know what they should do. These are some important things to do after an accident occurs:

1. Make certain that everybody is okay. If not, be sure to call 911. Always be sure to make a call to the police and to emergency auto assistance.

2. Make a call to your insurance agent. They will be able to tell you what information you should exchange with the other driver. Also, they will be able to help you to examine the scene. Also, make sure that you don’t admit fault while at the scene of the accident. The insurance companies will be the ones to determine who is at fault.

3. Make certain that you read the information that is in your insurance policy, this way you file a claim within the particular time limit. Often times, if the damage to the vehicle exceeds $750 you will need to file an SR1 form. This form can be found on the website of your state’s DMV.

It is terrifying when you get into a car accident, but unfortunately it usually happens to all drivers at some point in time. Therefore, it is extremely important that we know what steps to take when an accident occurs. To ease some of the stress, be sure to have the all of the important and needed documents readily available. Such documents include your auto warranty and your insurance policy.

Drivers Who Are Drowsy Are A Danger On The Road

Drowsy DriverThere are many people who have been drowsy while driving. Sometimes you are the one who is feeling sleepy behind the wheel or you were in the car with someone who was having trouble staying awake. There are many car accidents that occur as a result of drowsy drivers. Here are some ways to identify that a driver is too drowsy to drive:

1. Drivers who are weaving in and out of the lane are often drowsy drivers. Drivers who are tired tend to make less steering corrections and therefore when corrections are made, they are harsh and jerky movements.

2. Usually drivers who are feeling sleepy need conversation in order to keep them awake at the wheel. If you realize that the conversation is not making sense, you should not continue to drive.

3. If a driver drifts off to the side of the road and drive on the rumble strips, they should make sure to pull over and rest for a bit. Driving over the rumble strips usually indicates that the driver has fallen asleep momentarily and cannot keep the car on the road because they are too tired.

4. If you see a driver jerk their neck, it usually indicates that the driver has fallen asleep and the jerk is what wakes them up.

Overall, you should not get into the car with a driver who is drowsy. Also, you should not drive if you feel you are just too tired. Avoiding unsafe drivers on the road is an easy way to avoid an accident and the need to call for emergency auto assistance.

Tips To Consider When Buying Tires

Car TireThough buying tires may not be fun, it is important to do so to help keep you safe on the road. Here are some tips to consider when buying tires:

1. It is important to buy new tires. Though they may be more expensive, saving a little bit of money is not worth the risk of purchasing tires that lack good traction and performance. Safety is the most important thing, therefore purchasing used tires is not a smart idea.

2. Be sure you know what size tires are required for your car. You can check to see the factory size of your tires on the inside of the door hinge on the door on the side of the driver.

3. Do some research and look around to find the best deals on tires. You can compare prices of tires online. Just keep in mind there will be different shipping and installation costs.

4. Make certain you also research different types of tires before buying them. Just because one type of tires may cost more money, it does not mean that they are necessarily the best ones you can find.

Tire shopping is extremely important because having good tires can help keep you safer when driving. Having good tires can help you avoid getting stuck on the side of the road and needing to call for emergency auto assistance.

Summer Road Trips

roadtrip.jpgOne of the family activities that are the most fun is going on road trips.  Although enjoyable, frustration can accompany families on the road.  Take note of the following do’s and don’ts in order to ensure that your family has a great trip.

The most important thing that you can do is to get your family vehicle a tune-up.  Your vehicle needs to be in top-notch condition.  Nothing is worse than having your car breakdown, leaving you stranded.  This is why a road service program is so important.

You should plan ahead so that your family knows what is happening during the trip.  This will alleviate stressful situations and help things to go smoothly. In addition, you might want to purchase software to plan your trip and invest in a GPS.  This advanced technology will act as your guide to your desired destination.

Of course, you never know when you will run into speed bumps throughout your trip.  For example, road construction and traffic are inevitable.  However, your trip doesn’t have to be ruined by these inconveniences.  In addition, you can rest assured that you have emergency roadside assistance in case your car overheats.

Knowing When To Change Your Oil

oilchange.jpgThe recommended intervals for oil changes have increased a significant amount over the last ten years.  It used to be that oil changes were recommended every 3,000 miles, but now recommendations are for every 8,000 miles.  This is great news for drivers because it means less time at the mechanic and less money spent.  However, there are a few cautionary notes to consider.

First of all, consult your owner’s manual for the “maximum recommended interval”.  Make sure you don’t extend beyond that number because saving $40 on an oil change is not worth having an $800 repair due to sludge buildup.

Second, if your driving type falls under “heavy duty” you will need to change your oil more regularly.  Often, drivers don’t realize that daily stop-and-go commuting falls under this category.  Also, if you use your vehicle for short trips with little highway driving you many need shorter oil changeouts.

Finally, you should use the specific oil type/grade recommended by the carmaker.  Failing to use the right oil type can result in poor car performance, engine damage, and even void the terms of your auto warranty.

Although less frequent oil changes are convenient for consumers, people need to follow these cautionary notes.  After all, you don’t want to ruin an engine or end up having to call for emergency roadside assistance because you didn’t add a couple of quarts of Pennzoil.

How To Handle Windshield Damage

colorado-springs-windshield-chip-repair.jpgMany motorists have been in the situation where an object hits their windshield and a big crack shows up.  Your windshield might even end up bad enough that you have to call your road service program.  However, when do you know if it necessary to replace the windshield or if the crack can just be fixed?

Windshield repair or replacement depends on the location, size and severity of damage.  Windshield shops can usually repair chips the size of a quarter, as well as cracks reaching three inches.  For bigger damage it is recommended that you replace your windshield.

The location of the damage is also a big factor in whether you can keep your windshield.  When a crack is at the edge of your windshield it can affect the structure of the glass.  In this case it is usually best to replace your windshield.

Many facilities won’t repair a chip if it’s in the direct line of the driver’s vision.  The repair process may result in minor glass distortions, which are unsafe for the driver. After all, you don’t want to end up calling for emergency roadside assistance.

Keep in mind, whatever the location or size of the glass damage, it is necessary to have it looked at right away.  Waiting can result in dirt getting in the damaged area, which can affect the repair job.

How To Have A Great Family Road Trip

road-trip.jpgOne of the most fun family activities is taking road trips.  Families can make a lot of fond memories traveling on the open road.  Americans will take more than 320 vacation trips over the spring and summer season.  However, frustration and stress can come along with a family road trip, so take note of some do’s and don’ts that will allow your family to have a great time.

First and foremost, take your family vehicle in for a tune-up.  You want to make sure your car is in top-notch condition.  There is nothing more inconvenient than having your vehicle break down on the side of the road, leaving your family stranded.  This is why you should have a road service program in case of unforeseen problems.  Also, invest in used car warranties to protect your wallet.

Make sure you plan ahead.  This will help your family know what to expect throughout the trip.  It will also help you have a smooth trip.  Software for trip planning along with a GPS will aid your family in planning the ideal vacation.  This technology will literally guide you to your destination.  And the tools that are easy to use allow you to personalize a trip from start to finish.

Of course, you are bound to run into some speed bumps along the way.  For instance, you never know when you will run into road construction or traffic. However, don’t let your fun be ruined, just make sure you have emergency roadside assistance in case your vehicle overheats.  This will bring you peace of mind and let you enjoy your family.

A Decrease In Fatal Crashes For Elderly Drivers

olddriver.jpgIn the last few years drivers over 70 years old have managed to lower the number of fatal car crashes they were occupied in.  The Insurance Institute for Highway Safety reported that from 1999-2010 there was a 21% decline in accidents that proved fatal for this age group.  This is a complete reversal of what seemed to be a trend moving steadily upward.

This occurred despite the fact that the amount of elderly people in the country is increasing by 10% in this time period.  Their significant decline in accidents that are fatal outpaced their younger counterparts, even though they added 2 million more drivers and greatly increased the number of miles they traveled.

IIHS suspected that the exact opposite would happen.  Past accidents and fatalities that elderly drivers were responsible for were growing, which made it necessary for there to be laws allowing elderly impairments to be monitored.

There have been several justifications have been given for this new trend, including elderly people keeping themselves more fit and cars that are being made safer.

Unfortunately, you never know when you will be involved in an accident, so it is important to protect yourself by purchasing cars that are rated high for safety and signing up for an emergency roadside assistance program.

The Benefits Of Roadside Assistance

36.jpgMotorists traveling on their own fear that at some point they might have car problems.  This isn’t surprising since drivers are spending more and more time in their car.  People are driving long distances to and from work, and have more errands than ever, so it is inevitable that drivers will experience a breakdown at one point or another.  Male and female drivers alike are fearful of this occurrence.

According to a recent survey conducted by Britannia Rescue, approximately two-thirds of the male and female motorists who were interviewed are scared of being alone and breaking down.

The figures break down into ninety three percent of women and forty five percent of men.  The survey also revealed that people become more fearful of someone stopping to help.  In fact, seventy percent of women wouldn’t want a man to stop and offer assistance.

The one thing that motorists can do to avoid being fearful of a breakdown is have an emergency roadside assistance program that will assist them in case they get into trouble.  After all, it can be scary to have a random stranger stop and offer you help.