Road service for new car owners


Road service has become a luxury convenience for most persons who choose to invest heavily in such programs.  While new cars which are purchased straight off the dealer’s lot already come with road service features.  Almost all other drivers or vehicle owners must purchase their road service from independent dealers.


The road service that comes with the purchase of a new car is one that is incorporated into the warranty contract for the car.  In most instances, as long as the new car warranty is valid, so is the roadside service offered to the vehicle owner – even if the vehicle has changed ownership hands.  Roadside service offered through large car manufacturers and dealers are often contracted out to smaller service providers who are better prepared to deal with emergency assistance calls on short notices – it is noted that a larger company takes almost two times as long to respond to any call than do the smaller service providers.  Manufacturers however, specify that vehicles must be serviced only at provided locations, which make it difficult to fix your vehicle every time you call in an emergency.  The good thing, is that manufacturer usually covers the cost of repairs (check your warranty carefully).

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